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We help our clients reach their business goals.

Your website is the most important sales and marketing tool you have.

It’s the hub of your inbound marketing strategy and it’s the first thing your prospective clients/customers want to explore before making a decision or even talking to a member of your team.

About us

Putting the price of your website into perspective

Imagine you just hired a new salesperson who works around the clock, day and night, promoting your business to prospects with perfect consistency. Given the right tools, this salesperson continually improves with minimal supervision and intervention on your part. Whenever a prospect wants information about your business at midnight and you’re sleeping, your star employee is there with a big smile and all the information your prospect desires.

Now imagine this new sales rep doesn’t want to work on commission, doesn’t want a salary, and could care less about any of the benefits your company offers. All they want is an upfront fee and a few thousand each month to keep their skills sharpened.

Would that be worth it to you?

Of course it would. This is what a great website can be.

No human alive can do what a great website can for your business, yet so many businesses look at their website as one of the first areas to cut corners. Humans will always play invaluable roles in business, and remarkable employees deserve the high salaries they command, but where else can you get the incredible ROI that a powerful, well-designed website offers?

Your website is the smartest and cheapest salesperson you’ll ever hire. Treat it right.

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General Pricing

Choosing a business website is much like buying a car – all models are not equal. The basic version from one company can greatly outshine the decked out offering from another. This holds true in website design too – what we at Pxil.Pro consider bare minimum for a business site would be like a luxury model from other agencies.

Our basic marketing website includes these essential features tailored for Thailand businesses:

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Contact and lead generation tools to capture inquiries
  • Built-in SEO to improve search ranking
  • Secure hosting on fast Thai servers
  • Ongoing support and content updates

Just like cars, determining the right website model involves assessing your business needs. What works for a street food stand may not fit a hotel. Contact us to discuss the best website match for your Thai business. Our locally-based team aims to exceed expectations, not fit a bare minimum mold.

The table below outlines the features and services that we consider to be the BARE MINIMUM for a website to be web-ready and visitor-worthy. Does your business deserve any less than this?

- Initial Design 1 - 2 wks 1 - 2 wks 1 - 2 wks TBD
- Data Entry * 1 - 2 wks 3 - 4 wks 3 - 6 wks TBD
- Website Platform WordPress CMS WordPress CMS WordPress CMS WordPress CMS
- Branded Design
- Responsive Design
- Contact Form
- # Pages WE Create up to 3 up to 7 up to 12 TBD
- Stock Images * up to 3 up to 7 up to 12 TBD
- Website Copy-Editing *
- Domain Email Fowarders * up to 2 up to 3 up to 5 TBD
- Blog / News / Tips
- Photos / Videos
- Social Media
- Google Map
- Website Optimisation
- Google Analytics Setup
- XML Sitemap Submission
- Post-Launch Training *
- Email / Phone / Skype *
- Creation BASE Price 35,000 THB $55,000 THB $90,000 THB TBD
- In-Advance
- 3-Way Split
- Financing


If you need a more customized website design than our standard packages or are considering a redesign of an existing site, contact us to discuss your needs. Redesigning a live website requires special SEO considerations to maintain rankings, unlike building a completely new site.

The price listed for the various packages cover a specific amount of content (text, images, videos, etc) per page. If you have a lot of content, please contact us to discuss the best options for your website.

We can add content to client websites after they provide all necessary information in a timely manner for our writers to develop. The speed depends on clients supplying text, photos, videos, etc.
Our packages include certain numbers of stock photos. If more are needed, we will quote costs to source additional relevant quality images.

We expect clients to provide website content, which we will then edit and refine to engage visitors. This goes beyond proofreading for errors to rewriting so it motivates desired actions. If clients prefer us to research and develop all copy, we can provide quotes.

NOTE: if you would prefer for us to RESEARCH and DEVELOP the content for your website, we can provide you with a quote for this extra work.

We can forward emails from domain accounts (e.g. info@yourdomain.com) to existing preferred addresses (like Gmail). This uses your domain email without needing inboxes. For full email accounts, additional fees apply.

We offer up to 2 free 1.5 hour website training sessions in the first 2 months after launch to show editing and updates. Additional later trainings will be billed at hourly rates.

Our Contact Us page lists the various ways to get in touch with us. Please be aware of the following:

    • Phone Support - weekdays, 10 AM to 6 PM
    • Online Support - by appointment, please send an email to arrange.
    • Email Support - you can email us at anytime, we'll respond within 24 - 48 hours.

Flexible options allow paying one-time or in installments over 12 months. Discounts for early pay-offs. Let our team customize the perfect website solution for your business needs. Contact us to get started on a site that exceeds expectations.