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Web Development

Let’s review some of the features that make our Marketing Websites beautiful, worry-free, and a down-right good investment.

Features included in

Pxil Pro's Marketing Websites

Built on WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely-used content management system (CMS) available. It is expandable and adaptable making it the #1 choice for a wide range of business websites.

Responsive Design

With the continued growth of users of smartphones and tablets, there is an increasing need to have websites that are device-friendly. Responsive design has also been shown to boost engagement and sales.

Website Optimisation

For your website to accomplish its goal of bringing you more business, people must find it and engage with it. That's why we apply the best, future-thinking on-site optimisaton practices into each Marketing Website.

Branded Website Design

It doesn't matter how many competitors you have, YOUR business is unique! We aim to bring that uniqueness to the fore with a website design that revolves around YOUR brand image.

Intuitive Navigation

Your website's navigation is a road map for your visitors guiding them around your website. We keep your business, your goals and your audience in mind in developing an effective, easy-to-use menu structure.

User-Friendly Layout

Visitors will NOT stay on your website if they find it hard to quickly figure out whether you have what they are looking for. Our Marketing Websites are designed to leave a lasting, positive impression on your visitors.

Multiple Calls-to-Action

For your business website to accomplish its goal, multiple calls to action must be strategically placed throughout. Our Marketing Websites are infused with CTAs that are prominent, clear, and action-invoking!

Easy-to-Find Contact Info

It must be super-easy for your clients (past, present and FUTURE) to contact you and to do business with you. That's why our Marketing Websites are built with conversion in mind.

Website Copy-Editing

For your website to be effective, the content needs to be written and laid out so as to motivate visitors to take action - read more, buy something, or contact you. We re-work YOUR content to make it web-ready.

Google Map Integration

In the spirit of ease-of-use, our integrated Google maps make finding your location a breeze. Many even come with a one-click route planner to help your visitors get directions to you.

Multi-Media Integration

Yes, content is King but pages full of text does NOT make engaging content. A picture paints a thousand words and video projects 10, 100, or 1000 times that. We incorporate each content type wisely.

Social Media Integration

Whether you are already using, or you're starting to think about using, social media in your marketing strategy; there are a variety of ways to integrate social media with your website.

Google Analytics Setup

To help you keep track of the performance of your website in Google search results, we set up your Google Analytics account and add the tracking code to your website.

Easy Site Maintenance

Would you like to be able to make changes to your website's CONTENT yourself? Rest assured with the front-end editor of our Marketing Websites you will be able to do so and we'll show you how.

Easy-to-Update Blog

Among the benefits of having a Blog or News section on your website is that it helps drive traffic - every article is another opportunity for you to be found by Google. Another benefit is that it helps establish your authority.

Features Specific to

Ecommerce Websites or Online Stores

Shopping Cart Integration

For your ecommerce needs, we use a powerful, feature-rich shopping cart system which integrates seamlessly into your WordPress website.

Payment Gateway Setup

To accept payments online, you'll need to have a payment gateway integrated into your shopping cart. We'll discuss the various options with you.

Shipping Configuration

For your shopping cart to work correctly, the shipping section must be properly configured. We'll help you determine what would be best for your online store.

Optional Addons or Services

Available at EXTRA COST

Domain Registration

Do you need to register your domain name/s? Would you like us to manage your domain services on your behalf? Just let us know and we'll do the rest.

Logo (Re)Design

Are you in need of a quality logo design or re-design that is competitively priced? Ask about our design options.

Email Account(s) Setup

Are you ready to add a layer of professionalism by using email addresses based on your domain name? Let's discuss your options.

Mailing List Integration

Would you like to connect a third party mailing system like MailChimp to your website? Chat with us about what's involved in doing so.

Online Booking System

Would your business benefit from having an automated way to allow customers to make appointments online? Ask about our reasonably-priced booking system.

Online Chat Integration

Would you like to give your web visitors the option to chat with you while browsing your website? If yes, let's discuss the specifics of chat integration.

Business-Specific Form

If you need something more comprehensive to be able to better serve your clients. We can create an online form tailored to your business needs.

Image Sourcing

If you do not have your own images for your website. We can source high quality, relevant images at very reasonable prices.

Advanced Ongoing SEO

If your domain name has never been indexed by Google or you have many competitors, you will need more than the basic SEO included in all our Marketing Websites.

Extra Webpages Created

If you'd like US to create more webpages than stipulated in your chosen website package.

Extra Products Added

For ecommerce clients who'd like for us to add more products than stipulated in their website package.

Extra Payment Gateways

For ecommerce clients who'd like to offer additional payment options to their customers.

Website Maintenance

If you'd like US to update your website CONTENT or to make MINOR changes to your site's layout.